Business Concierge Services

Short-Term Assistant

Your assistant is out of the office on vacation, medical leave, a family emergency etc. and you need a proven professional to step in and ease your burden. I serve in client relationships, vendor relationship management, and other administrative tasks.

Temporary Project Coordinator

Perfect for when you have a project and need someone to help you execute on the project in a variety of tasks. And you need a professional—not an entry-level temp worker.

Declutter / Organize an Office

Years of “clutter” have piled up at your office and you need someone to work alongside you to determine what needs to be kept, shredded, or trashed. I will organize and file or scan documents, and remove unnecessary items to get your space organized again.

Enhance Employee Benefits & Productivity

Want your employees focused attention so they can do what they do best? Offer concierge services for your employees to help attract and retain talented employees. Taking tasks off someone’s plate improves work/life balance. As an employer you offer x number of hours for your employees to use my concierge services. Examples of services I would offer your employees can be found on my Personal Concierge Services page.

And much more. Other Ideas? Let’s Get Creative!

Download a printable version of my concierge offerings in PDF format. Click on the flyer below.

Mendi Funk Flyer