Personal Concierge Services

Consulting for Business

Declutter / Organize a room or closet in your home

We will work together to determine items to be shredded, disposed, donated or resold. I will remove, recycle, shred, donate items, and provide you with the receipts. This typically takes a minimum of 4 hours per room.

Supervise Home Contractors & Receive Your Important Deliveries

I will meet with and supervise contractors (electricians, plumbers, internet service providers, etc) at your home. While I’m waiting, I could clean out your refrigerator or pantry.

Run Errands

You’re busy—let me run your errands for you!

Online research

Need help finding the perfect gift or vintage item? Maybe you’re searching for your next Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO)? Let me help!

Home Office Filing / Document Coordination

Are your important documents, bills, and files piling up and in need of organizing? Let me take that off your plate. We’ll organize what to keep and safely eliminate the unneeded clutter that’s bogging you down

Downsizing (eliminating clutter, moving, loss of parent)

And much more. Other Ideas? Let’s Get Creative!

Download a printable version of my concierge offerings in PDF format. Click on the flyer below.